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  • EricBGreene

What's your problem?

What is your problem? Whatever it is, you can look at it a couple of different ways:

1) You can let your fears hold you back, ignore or avoid your problem and just marinate in it. This is in many ways your easy button. It’s certainly comfortable if nothing else.

2) Or better… can view your problem as an opportunity. The opportunity is to stop holding back and push past avoidance and fear towards something better. Address your issue. Make a plan. Take steps. Adjust. Take steps. Adjust. Step again. And sooner than later things will start to shift for you.

Aka push past your avoidance, discomfort and fear when dealing with problems (opportunities, actually). On the other side is almost always something better.

Eric Greene is a success/executive coach + team facilitator at the Greenehouse ( Work smarter. Lead better. Stress less. Have more fun doing it. And kick way more ass along the way.



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