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I was restless.

I spent 30 years as a successful executive, growth strategist, innovator and entrepreneur. Along the way, I was a Company President, C-Suite exec and Executive VP / Division GM. I've worked for and consulted with companies from Fortune 500 to mid-size to startup across over 10 different consumer product, service and high tech industries. And I've created financial growth and developed strong, motivated teams at every stop (although don’t get me wrong, there were some bumps in the road). And I loved it.

What made me restless? The nagging feeling that performance and achievement are often soul crushing. And I knew they didn't have to be; I knew there was a better way.

So I’ve re-dedicated myself to working with high level and emerging leaders, high potential individuals and teams. I’m on a mission to help you kick more ass and find way more joy in doing it. There is a secret sauce to getting great performance out of yourself, your people and teams.  To recognizing, motivating and growing talent. All while being less stressed, less buried in minutiae, less freaked, with more focus and less micro-management. You can kick butt and love it. Proof: pics of the squad from my last company Kelty, which profitably grew FAR AHEAD of its industry for five straight years….and had a whole lot of fun doing it. Although I coach people to lead/manage in their own style – not mine.

  • MBA, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

  • Certified Co-Active Coach, CTI (Coaches Training Institute)

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach), ICF (International Coach Federation)

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