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  • EricBGreene

The art of getting sh*t done in 7 easy steps

Didn't invent this (it was handed to me). But it works like crazy and will turn you into a total baller. Here is the art of getting shit done in 7 steps:

1. Relentless Focus: on the 20% of activities that drive 80% of the difference

2. Single task: multitasking is a myth. Doing multiple things at once leads to bad work. Laser focus

3. Don’t bullshit yourself or others.: tell truths…face truths, deal with truths. It's faster.

4. Minimize meetings: speaks for itself

5. Live up to your promises: don't let people down

6. Don’t be a jerk: less conflicts, less crapola, more time for positive stuff

7. Be consistent: do 1-6 all the time. This leads to habit, which leads to relentless productivity

Eric Greene is a success/executive coach + team facilitator at the Greenehouse ( Work smarter. Lead better. Stress less. Have more fun doing it. And kick way more ass along the way.


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