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Are You Ready To Break New Ground?

Work smarter. Kick more ass.  Lead better. Find balance.  Stress less. And have way more fun along the way.

Let's Do Better — A Manifesto

You’re working your butt off, but it’s less than great. It’s meeting after mind numbing meeting and email after email. Stress keeps rising while fun and balance fall away. Sound about right? Instead, picture you and your team kicking total ass, getting more done and having fun doing it. Break new ground and make work cooler and more meaningful (and life more enjoyable). C’mon, you can do…so...much...better.


That's Where I Come In

With 30 years of experience leading, working for, consulting with and growing companies from Fortune 500 to mid-size to startup I know that a cookie cutter won't work for you. So our work together won't be either — everything is custom to you and your situation.


A successful track record of growing others:

  • CEO: from micro-manager to more balanced, less stressed, increasingly effective orchestrator

  • Startup CEO: finding footing, accelerating success, reducing doubt

  • Company Founder: transitioning out, leaving behind a strong organization and discovering what’s next

  • Company President: taming stress, prioritizing, becoming a more effective leader, finding balance

  • VP-Level High Risers: accentuating strengths and building on opportunity areas to create the path to CxO, achieving balance along the way

  • Newly Promoted Executives: adapting and thriving in next-level roles

  • Managers, Directors, High Potential Individuals: maximizing impact to accelerate the path up

  • Career Changers: high performers who have reignited their passion in a whole new realm

  • Entrepreneur: finding focus, finding voice, prioritizing, scaling to success and building confidence


1-On-1 Coaching

Company Leaders & Executives
Newly Promoted, New Managers, New Role, New Job
High Potential Individuals
Career Changers
Executive Presence, Personal Brand & Communication


Group Facilitation

Functional & Brand Teams
C-Suite and Executive Teams
Change Management
Strategy, Visioning & Brainstorming Sessions


“I had the great fortune to be able to work with Eric over the last several months as I entered a new role as president. Eric has helped me in so many ways, to look inward, lead with my values, and make time for myself along the way.  Eric gives you the framework for success but holds you accountable to that journey.  He asks the hard questions and helps you navigate the actions to execute on the answers.  Eric also helps celebrate success.   His energy and commitment are empowering.  I highly recommend Eric.”

—  Amy Beck, President, Oboz Footwear


Coaching & Facilitation Experience

Working across industries with individuals + organizations of all sizes and growth stages.

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