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If you really want to get ahead – STAND APART

We rarely notice people who follow the crowd.  So don’t.

If you to get ahead, STAND APART.    

Find new ways.  Zig when others zag. Bring new ideas, new energy.  Stand up while others sit back. Take the path less travelled. Be a f*****g standout.

Why be a lemming when you can be original? To get ahead, it's all about divergence. Think different.  Act different. Make a difference.  And you will get different results.

Eric Greene is a proven executive and entrepreneur turned success/leadership coach + team facilitator at the Greenehouse ( Pouring my experience into helping you work smarter. Lead better. Stress less. Have more fun doing it. And kick way more ass along the way.


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John U
John U
10 mrt.

Agree 100%

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