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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

You need to perform. You and your team need to hit those KPI’s. Gotta nail those growth targets. That deadline looms. It’s time to lean in (and other such buzzwords). Yeah, yeah, yeah we all get it.

But does it have to be drudgery? Uh, no. Think about it. You don’t like it when you are full on stressed and grinding and feeling fried and you’re not having any fun. And when you’re tense like that your work almost always suffers. Same goes for everyone else and for the collective team.

Contrary to popular belief, talking and laughing and injecting some damn fun are not the sign of a slacker team. To the opposite, when we are having fun we can’t wait to be there. And when we’re happy to be there we’re happier to do the work. That makes the whole process more energetic, more creative, more industrious and agile. And that makes the work better and gets results.

This isn’t some made up BS. Proof from the team and business in the pic that accompanies this article: the group’s commitment to fun (alongside work) resulted in growth ahead of its competition and industry (often times by double digits) for several years in a row.

So lighten up, Francis. Because fun works.

Eric Greene is a success/executive coach + team facilitator at the Greenehouse ( Work smarter. Lead better. Stress less. Have more fun doing it. And kick way more ass along the way.



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